The JohnsonBoxes WordPress plugin: Your Easy (and Fun) Solution to a Serious Problem!

Since there are millions of blogs and websites competing for attention you need something different to get visitors to your pages to cast more than a glance at your content.
Studies show that most sites are visited for less than 5 seconds before the viewer moves on; that’s 1, 2, 3, 4, Gone!

It’s easy to get your blog’s or website’s visitors to concentrate and actually read the most important part of any page or post!

The “secret” is using JohnsonBoxes, a.k.a. content boxes, alert boxes, CSS boxes, notice boxes and even HTML boxes. (Why are they called “JohnsonBoxes”?)

When used sparingly, JohnsonBoxes will act as a magnet to the viewers eyes, it’s simply impossible to ignore the message you want to display in a Johnson Box!

Look at the JohnsonBox with the Rolls Royce on this page, and you’ll see what we mean…

The JohnsonBoxes Light WordPress plugin is completely free, and there is also a JohnsonBoxes PRO version available for just 9.95.

You get two free add-on plugins when you purchase the JohnsonBoxes PRO WordPress plugin; the JohnsonBoxes PRO Fonts plugin plus the UltimateButtonMaker (UBM) plugin.

With the UBM plugin you can easily design and insert a great-looking buttons in any Johnson Box.
Go to the PRO page to see what you can do with the paid version, or download the Light version to try it out.

No Coding, Just Click and Choose

johnsonboxes example for demoThis Rolls Royce is in mint condition, with very modest mileage.
It was used by a little old lady who got her chauffeur to drive her to church on Sundays.

You can probably still find her hymn book somewhere in the very comfortable back seat.
As you can see it’s almost impossible to ignore the content of a Johnson Box like this, so to get your viewers attention why not download the free “Light” version now!

p.s. This Johnson Box was created with the free “Light” version.

The problem with JohnsonBoxes has always been that most people don’t want to dive into HTML-coding and CSS-coding, so designing a Johnson Box has really been difficult.
Now, with the introduction of the JohnsonBoxes PRO WordPress plugin, the problem is solved once and for all.

With the intuitive user interface in the JohnsonBoxes PRO wizard all you have to do is simply to choose the values for your design, and the plugin will automatically do all the coding in the background.

We believe it’s possible to use the JohnsonBoxes PRO wizard without referring to the Product Documentation, but when you read the documentation you’ll pick up a few useful tips on how to make the content in your Johnson Box even more engaging.

Download the Free “Light” Version. It’s Free!

Download the FREE Version Now!

We know that a lot of people are very skeptical when they see free offers, and more often than not you have to give something to get the (so-called) free whatever-it-is.
Usually the free offer will be available if you give them your email address.
Well, that’s not the case here. No email address is needed.

All you have to do is to click on the download button, install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site and use it.

The JohnsonBoxes “Light” version is really free, and forever. No expiry date or anything like that.

p.s. Both this Johnson Box and the Button were created with JohnsonBoxes PRO and the FREE add-on plugin UltimateButtonMaker.

You can see some JohnsonBoxes “Light” examples on this page.

Why Use JohnsonBoxesPRO on Your Site?

When you use the plugin you will soon see why it’s very popular.

  • Works with any self-hosted WordPress site (version 3.5.x and newer)
  • Design and install great looking Johnson Boxes in pages, posts, footers and text widgets
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly
  • Cross browser friendly
  • Fast loading time (an image with the same size would take considerable longer to load!)
  • Creates more interest for your message or sales copy
  • Link to any page or post – internal or external
  • Ideal for highlighting affiliate products (Amazon, Clickbank etc.)
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Detailed product documentation
  • Two free add-ons included in the very modest price
  • Free support
  • Free updates when we come up with new versions (if you give us your email address)