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JohnsonBoxes = Text Boxes = Content Boxes = HTML Boxes

 What’s in a name?

JohnsonBoxes, Text Boxes, Content Boxes and HTML Boxes are, in fact, exactly the same thing, and are used to get visitors to notice, focus on and read the most important message on a page.

There is no doubt that a Johnson Box will get the attention of website visitors, and that’s why Johnson Boxes are used on countless sites.

We have all seen how JohnsonBoxes are used on websites; perhaps as a “Buy Now”, “Download Now”, or “Get More Info Here” part of a page.
The thing is – JohnsonBoxes work; they attract the attention of viewers much more that regular text blocks can do.

The JohnsonBoxes you see on this page are good examples: Content with a different font-family, an image, a border and a different color background. They are easy to notice, and difficult to ignore, and that’s the idea!
And, as you can see – they work!

Since this is a page where we want to show you JohnsonBoxes examples we have several JohnsonBoxes on one and the same page, but on your site you’ll get better response if you use one or maximum two on one single page or in a post.

When you have prepared the text and an image it will take less than one minute to create a Johnson Box like the examples displayed on this site. And it’s dead easy (and fun), too. No coding is involved. At all.

NEW! JohnsonBoxesPRO version 2.5: Even better than before!

JonsonBoxesPRO-More FeaturesJonsonBoxesPRO v/2.5: More Features
Yes, we have enhanced the original JohnsonBoxesPRO, so now it’s even better!
We added new features, but are still selling if for just 9.95!
* Visual display of 100′s of Google Fonts
* Alignment of Heading Text (Left, Centre, Right)
* Enhanced Button Maker for that essential button text (Buy Now, Download Here or whatever else…)
* Use a pattern or an image (See Examples!) as the background in your Johnson Box

JohnsonBoxes and WordPress

It has been estimated that more than 20% of all new websites are built with WordPress, and when you visit blogs they are almost always WordPress sites.

Since WordPress is the preferred web building tool both for bloggers and affiliates a lot of users wanted to enhance their WordPress sites with extra functions, and that’s why plugins have become so popular.

Download the FREE plugin NOW!

The JohnsonBoxesBASIC plugin is completely free, and you can download it here.

You can purchase the JohnsonBoxesPRO with a one-time payment of 9.95, and it comes with a FREE add-on plugin for 100′s of Google fonts you can use in your JohnsonBoxes. Click HERE to order!
(Yep, another JohnsonBoxesPRO design!)

When you use a WordPress plugin you can add special functions to the standard WordPress software, and most plugins are easy to use.

The JohnsonBoxesBASIC and the JohnsonBoxesPRO are two such plugins; and you can use these two plugins to create and insert Johnson Boxes on any WordPress page, in a post, and (yes!) even in widgets and footers of WordPress sites.

When you start using a JohnsonBoxes plugin you will soon see that the plugin is very easy to use, and that you can get some really amazing results to display on your WordPress site.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about any HTML or CSS coding, all the coding is done automatically and in the background so you can concentrate on the design.

JohnsonBoxes  + WordPress = Fast Loading Web Pages

Another important advantage when using JohnsonBoxes on webpages and in posts is the fact that the Johnson Box consists of pure HTML code (minus the image if you want to display one), so your page will load very fast.

If you had made an image like a Johnson Box with Photoshop or a similar image manipulation program the file would have been much larger, with a longer page loading time.

Frank Johnson and his JohnsonBoxes

JohnsonBoxes: The Inventor

In the late 1950′ a direct marketing man named Frank H. Johnson sent out sales letters to potential customers, and one day he got a really bright idea; he presented what he considered the most important text of the sales letter in a frame to make it stand out from the regular sales text.

Mr. Johnson thought this little sales trick could get his readers to focus more on the message in the framed part of the page.

As it turned out he secured more sales, and his idea was copied by many other direct marketers.

Naturally, this “invention” – the new way to present important information in a frame – became known as a Johnson Box.

Many years later, when he had retired, Frank Johnson was interviewed about his now famous JohnsonBoxes, and when he was asked why he started using them he said: ” I just wanted people to read the damned things”.

(This is a JohnsonBoxesPRO Johnson Box)

The JohnsonBoxesPRO No-Risk Guarantee:

If – for any reason – you are unhappy with your JohnsonBoxesPRO purchase we offer a 30 days refund guarantee.
Simply let us know why you don’t like it, and you’ll get a full refund.